What is a MikonMixer?

A MikonMixer is a set of stickers that are used as conversation starters at parties, conferences, and networking events. Event attendee receives a sheet of stickers. The attendees can put stickers on their nametag or clothing that match their personalities, habits, interests, and passions. These mikons are simply a gateway to conversations and connections.

How do I use MikonMixers at my event?

Two ways:
(1) Free Form: At large events like Conferences, they are used a personal identifiers and people can freely meet other attendees.
(2) Mixers - Meet and Greet: At smaller networking or social events you can use a more structured technique to encourage guests to meet. Click here to get the instructions. Generally, the attendees are asked to select the stickers that match them and the organizer instructs the group to find another person, and pick a mikon sticker and talk about it. The organizer should limit each conversation to 7 to 10 minutes then have the guests rotate to another person.

How do I make a MikonMixer?

We have a very simple drag-and-drop tool for you to pick mikons and place them on the sheet. You can search categories and tags for mikons to make an interesting, fun, and relevant set for your event. After you have placed all the mikons in the set that you want, tag them with a simple word or phrase that describes it. Think fun and even cheeky. People will enjoy the entertainment value of the set as much as the connections that they will make. Plus everyone loves stickers. Customize the header with the name of your event and a description it or how to use the MikonMixer Sticker set. You can also put some information at the bottom of the sticker sheet.

I can't find a symbol I want, how do I get one?

No worries. You have three options:
1. You can search the entire database of 15,000 mikons on Mikons.com by clicking on the "all mikons" tab and type in the tags you are searching for.
2. You can make your own. Go to Mikons.com and use our MikonMachine to create your own. Save the mikon and tag it. Go back to MikonMIxers.com and it will show up in under the "my mikons" tab.
3. Ask the Mikons Community of Artists (hyperlink this). If you mikon idea is compelling, someone will likely make it and send it to you.

What is the "or" about?

The "or" just makes the rows a set of choices. It invites the attendee to make a choice between the row of mikons. If you want more of a free form set or the choices are not fitting to your event, then leave the "or" out.

What is the sticker sheet made of?

The stickers are printed on an adhesive backed vinyl. The vinyl and ink will last over two years in outdoor conditions. The ink will fade if subjected to consistent long term abrasion. The adhesive is safe on clothing and can be easily pealed off any surface.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We process most orders under 500 sets within 48 hours. You will likely receive your sticker stets within 7 business days. Orders over 500 sheets will take one week per thousand.

What are my shipping options?

We ship everything via US Mail. They have two options:
(1) Parcel Post and
(2) Priority.
Parcel post is cheaper but takes several days long to get. Priority Mail is not overnight or next day air. It is regular mail. It will take from 2 to 5 days to get your order. If you want quicker service and delivery or overseas service email us at help [at] mikons [dot] com.

Where did all these mikons come from?

Mikons.com is the hub of user-generated symbols and icons. Our community made them them all.

Can I make a sticker set and save it and buy it later?

Sure. Just make your set and click on "save" and tag it. It will be saved under your profile to purchase later. Click on "order" and you will find it ready to purchase.

Can I get a fully customized header and footer?

Yes. Corporate Event organizers and Conferences sometimes like to have more elaborate headers and footers. Contact us at help [at] mikons [dot] com and be prepared to design the header and footer artwork that you want.

Any tips for making a MikonMixer-worthy mikon?

Yes, be simple, use colors that complement each other, and make the background a simple shape like a circle or a square. A mikon with multiple images in it will likely not make the cut.